Leather labels, Rubber Labels, Metal Labels, Emblems, ...


Additionals are small additions that are intended to increase the sale of the goods. They can draw attention to themselves through small additions, also called give-aways, or decorations. Additionals can be used in many areas of the textile industry or adhesive label industry and range from simple hang tags to metal labels for sewing in.

Types of Additionals

  • Embossed labels made of imitation leather in various qualities
  • Embroidery Badges
  • Rubberlabels
  • Plastic labels
  • metal labels
  • Real leather labels
  • Transfer label

Give Aways

Promotional Items:

Promotional items or so called give aways are small gifts to the customers, which make the purchase of the garment possible. They are often attached conspicuously to the garment or passed on to the customer by hand. This has the multi-purpose to animate the customer continuously to further purchases.


Small give-aways such as stickers or magnets can be easily communicated to the customer as a promotional gift through button pockets. However, a promotional gift does not necessarily have to be on the product. Promotional gifts can also be passed on to the customer by hand.


Adhesive labels are often also called stickers or stickers. Our adhesive labels are produced exclusively from paper or foil on rolls and offer our customers from the textile and clothing industry a wide range of possible applications. Simple prints, e.g. with EAN code, expressive 4-colour raster prints, special lacquers or high-quality foil embossing are possible. Adhesive labels made of acetate silk have a textile character.