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Sustainability at FSE

FSE has always been dedicated to sustainable issues. Over the years, an extremely successful sustainability portfolio for the environmentally friendly conservation of resources has been built up.

Sustainability Portfolio

The following individual measures from a comprehensive overall package are worth mentioning:

  • Modern production in Germany according to the latest European laws, regulations and guidelines

  • Selected productions in the Far East and Turkey close to the packaging to avoid long transport routes

  • Contrary to the widespread throw-away mentality, repair and reconditioning of older equipment and machines by a separate specialist department for use well beyond the normal product life cycle

  • Energy insulation of the building's outer shell beyond the legal requirements

  • Energy management to make the overall energy consumption more efficient

  • Use of state-of-the-art LED lighting technology to save energy

  • Preparation of chemical production aids for reuse

  • Repeated reuse of outer packaging for the dispatch of goods

  • Equipping rescue and escape routes that are necessary for fire protection with green infiltration materials


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