PVC Labels & Reflex Labels

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Rubbers made of silicone or PVC are a qualitative means in many respects. The silicone is washable and flame retardant. PVC and silicone can also be recycled or made of recycled material. However, it is also protected against rust and does not fade in colour. Rubber can be used in many areas of the textile industry.

Rubber, Plastic labels, Reflective labels


Rubber labels are sporty, functional add-ons for clothing or fabric goods. They are usually made of silicone or PVC and are used in many areas as patches or fashionable applications.

Plastic Labels

Plastic labels can be printed and/or embossed. Other materials are available for this than for silicone labels.

Reflective labels

Labels that reflect light are a safety-relevant element to make them more visible to the observer. These labels are therefore often attached to the outside of the product.



PVC can be dyed well and absorbs hardly any water. It is also flame-retardant and a good insulator. PVC is good for outdoor use because it is not water-soluble and therefore weatherproof.


Silicone is a polymer that is easy to bend. It is also water resistant and can therefore also be used outdoors. Silicone is easy to colour and has a pleasant smooth shine.