Print labels

Care labels, information labels, size labels, printing tapes, ...

Printed textile ribbons

Printed textile tapes and fabrics, mostly for the clothing industry. Different basic materials are always available from stock. Solid and halftone prints in all known colour systems (e.g. PANTONE, HKS, RAL etc.).

  • Care label with material composition and care symbols
  • Printed clothing sizes
  • Unprinted and printed hanging tapes
  • Print label with logo, can also be combined with Care Label
  • Corner labels for beds and mattresses
  • Marking for firefighting and protective clothing
  • Labelling for the German Armed Forces and authorities
  • Jewellery and ribbons, as well as festive and club requirements
  • Textile print labels also with textile adhesive coating on the reverse side
  • Print labels with variable data printing possible, can also be combined with any barcode type on request
  • Contract printing