Cardboard Tags, Effect Varnishes, Seals, ...


  • Hangtags in different qualities (paper, cardboard, plastic, textile, leather etc.)
  • Different formats and sizes
  • thread, cord, satin wrap for hanging up
  • Seals with or without logo
  • Various finishes such as prägung, embroidery, folding, cellophaning and much more
  • Coloured eyelets and safety pins

Cardboard tag

A hangtag is a simple and functional or elaborate and fashionable accessory which is attached to the outside of the garment by means of plastic or textile fasteners to promote sales and/or provide information.

A hangtag for a functional standard application is usually made of stronger paper or cardboard and is printed on one or more sides in colour (e.g. with the brand name and functional characteristics), perforated and delivered with or without permanently installed thread. There is often a marked space on the back to place a sticker with price and/or article information. Depending on the cardboard quality and cardboard colour, offset printing or screen printing is used.

There are no limits to creativity or variety when it comes to a hang tag, which as an "eye-catcher" is intended to attract the attention of the coveted clientele and the garment itself. Different materials, printed or unprinted, such as fabric, cardboard, metal or wood are glued, sewn, roasted or brought together through various forms of processing.


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