Finishing and Specialities

Embossing, Die-cutting, Varnishing, Laminating, Glue side printing,


Visually? Haptic? or both? - You decide!

A refinement makes your product stand out from the crowd, magically attracts the consumer and remains in his memory.

With hot foil stamping, your adhesive label becomes a visual highlight.

The labels are given a visual enhancement through varnishing or lamination and at the same time an additional surface protection.

Types of processing

Embossing (hot foil stamping)



  • Colour films (red, green, blue, ...)
  • Precious metal foils (gold, silver, ...)
  • structured foils
  • glittering colour effects
  • Hologram foils (guarantee seals, decorative labels, for advertising purposes ...)
  • Surface protection against abrasion, dirt and moisture
  • makes the label appear in high brilliance or even matt
  • full-surface varnishing or window and partial varnishing
  • matt, semi-glossy, glossy
  • Special varnish for subsequent thermal transfer printing (also protects the print head from additional wear)
  • scanner-compatible
  • good protection for the label against mechanical or chemical influences
  • particularly hard-wearing surface
  • glossy or matt (soft touch)
  • scanner-compatible


Glue-side Printing / Glue-free Zone

Perforation / Slitting / Punching

Booklet / Invisible Code / Variable Data ...

  • Advertising messages for transparent packaging (e.g. film and glass)
  • Suitable for labels with detachable price tag
  • back tax stamps according to customer specifications
  • Perforations in the label and/or liner
  • serves for easier removal of the backing material for self-adhesive continuous material without punching a grid
  • the slitting can be complete or partial
  • Control hole punching for machine processing
  • Safety die-cutting in the label - label cannot be removed from the product after application without destroying it
  • Multi-layer booklet label
  • Invisible code for faster scanning at the checkout
  • Variable data
  • Alternating print: front and back label alternately on one roll

Further special features from our production:

  • Proof sheet for printing approval or for checking before production begins
  • Print approval at our premises
  • consecutive numbering (also barcode)
  • Variable data printing
  • Colour mixing according to customer colour sample
  • Extensive range of punching tools, special shapes are possible
  • Bottle labels - 2 formats alternating/rolling on one reel
  • Roll design according to customer specifications
  • Raw material warehouse for short-term deliveries
  • In-house repro for the production of the printing plates
  • modern machinery