Graphic Requirements for Adhesive Labels

So that your order runs like clockwork ...

...we ask you to consider the following points for the data:

  • Save graphics as vector (see below))
  • Please convert fonts into curves/paths/sign paths
  • The resolution of photos should be at least 300 dpi
  • For line drawings at least 600 dpi
  • Bleed at least 1mm (extend backgrounds and images beyond the final format)
  • Place fonts at a safe distance (min. 1mm) from the label edge
  • Create EAN and QR codes in 100% black

Vector images

Pixel images

At first sight ... beispiel beispiel
When you zoom in, the difference becomes visible: Advantage of the vector: The graphic does not show any loss of quality even when magnified more than 16 times. This is different with pixel graphics: The staircase effect is clearly visible, the quality "suffers".
What does this mean for the production of your label?
  • trouble-free further processing
  • fast and uncomplicated working
  • Size, colour and shape can be adapted to your label
  • As with fonts, each character is a vector
  • Pixel graphics must be traced manually
  • Costly and time-consuming work step depending on template and motive
  • No 100% match between vector and original, as there is no clear edge due to the stair effect
  • Which file format for which image type? .ai, .pdf, .cdr, .svg, .eps .jpg, .bmp, .gif, .tif, .psd

    If you have questions about your template or data transfer, please call us, we will be happy to advise you: +49(0)35955/488-0