Club Supplies, Rubber Labels, Iron-on labels, Emblems, etc.


Iron-on tags can not only be applied to a garment by hand in an optimal and analogue way, they can also be applied in a variety of ways to other fabric elements, such as backpacks or blankets. The simple application of the iron-on makes the patch timeless.

Patches can represent your creativity almost without limits. Different technologies such as embroidery, weaving, printing and embossing can be used. Thanks to the latest laser technology, even the shape knows no limits. Texts and graphic elements are optimally placed in the foreground.

Iron-on Coating

The iron-on coating ensures that the patch is fixed to the textile surface. The label is simply placed on the textile object with a cloth or heat protection and fixed with the hot iron by pressing it on briefly. The under iron coating becomes soft due to the heat of the iron and bonds with the textile surface and hardens again when cooled down.



Three-dimensional motifs can be produced using embroidery technology. The embroidery patterns and shapes are expressive and tangible.


Woven badges have become a popular decoration object in many areas and are often used for ornament.


Silicone rubbers or PVC labels can also be printed and have a mostly smooth glossy surface.


The embossing of plastic labels is carried out using a high-frequency process. In comparison to the micro injection process, the edges are not so sharply defined, but the embossing appears rather soft-edged.


The micro-injection process is used in the production of our rubber patches. This results in attractive 3D motifs with clear plastic edges.