Woven Labels

Woven Labels, Zippers, Clothing Sizes, Care Labels, Neck Labels, ...

Woven labels

Our products cover the entire range of textile labels, woven badges, including jacquard woven ribbons and all products made from them

  • Different formats and sizes
  • Areas of application: Wear, men's and boys' outerwear, children’s clothing, corporate fashion, lingerie, workwear, home textiles ...
  • Brand label, additional labels (e.g. slim fit, non-iron), clothing sizes, material markings, eye-catchers (e.g. button loops), QR code markings, photorealistic labels
  • Premium qualities (high resolution), standard and entry level qualities, high-definition in different formats
  • Woven strip edge (standard strip widths 10, 15, 20, 25, 32, 40 and depending on quality 50 mm)
  • Ultrasonically cut strip edge and thermally cut strip edge
  • Material: Standard 100% polyester but also cotton, linen, viscose can be combined with metal threads, monofilament yarns or similar
  • Different types of presentation (e.g. end fold, centre fold, smooth cut, diagonal fold, Manhattan fold, roll)
  • Various finishes (for a firmer grip, lower shrinkage, water repellent, flame retardant)
  • Woven badges, laser badges, zipper, articles for festive or club use
  • Labels for the German Armed Forces and authorities
  • Labels and badges for firefighting and protective clothing

Our woven label range

  • Brandlabel - brand and company labels in various designs and fabric types
  • Jewellery label
  • ready-made sizes | size labels
  • Care label made of soft, non-scratching materials, indicating the material and care properties
  • Laser labels
  • Badges and emblems (German Armed Forces, Fire Brigade, Police ...)
  • Zipper (filled and flat)
  • Hanger tapes with woven in
  • Button loops
  • Trouser waistbands
  • Piping tapes with individual weaving
  • Labels for the Bundeswehr and authorities
  • Labels for fire brigade and protective clothing (badges)
  • Individual braids and borders according to customer requirements
  • Jewellery and decorative ribbons
  • products for festive and club use such as festival badges, emblems, pennants, web calendars, bookmarks
  • Flame-retardant and self-extinguishing textile labels