Printed and Woven Ribbons

Trouser Waistbands, Shirt Stoppers, Print Cuffs, Waistbands, ...

Jacquard woven ribbons

  • With lettering and/or Logo
  • With matt or shiny (satin) surface
  • any colour depending on the quality
  • Different strip edge executions (real selvedge or cut edge)
  • Various equipment available on site (hydrophobic, low shrinkage, etc.)
  • Great experience in the production of trouser waistband material with regard to motif accuracy, low shrinkage values and part preparation
  • Optionally with attached natural rubber (e.g. slip brake or shirt stopper)

Piped cuffs and waistbands

  • as coloured seam heel with or without interwoven motiv
  • from 1000 metres minimum order quantity depending on quality and colour
  • Can also be used as trouser waistband
  • One edge can have a different colour than the visible piping area (e.g. red piping has a white edge for colour neutrality on light-coloured garments/fabrics)

Narrow bands (hanger bands)

  • 8mm wide taffet tape in a wide range of colours
  • Satin ribbon (7 and 8mm wide) in the popular colours white, grey, brass and black
  • all countries also available with individual imprint e.g. collection name or size number
  • High-quality satin weave (shiny white and black) with jacquard weave
  • Weft satin with very good motif resolution due to high fabric density

Band Edge

Woven selvedge (real selvedge - produced directly during the ribbon weaving process):
  • Soft, non-scratching
  • Suitable for direct skin contact e.g. for lingerie, shirts, blouses, knitwear, etc.
  • High mechanical stability and load capacity of the belt edge
  • Excellent for suspensions, loops and narrow labels as well as in the jeans sector for stone washes and enzymatic textiles

ultrasonic-cut strip edge:
  • Soft, flat belt edge with lower mechanical stability
  • Very high quality and little applied edge
  • suitable for women's wear and men's wear - application

Thermal cut edge:
  • Low-priced version for standard applications
  • Stable, robust belt edge
  • Suitable for labels that are to be placed in the outer visible area